E A R T H Y   K A B I R



Jhuma Dutta (born-1975), Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India.
Education- Specialization in Textile Design, 1999, Kalabhavana, Visvabharati, Santiniketan, W.B. India.
Participated several group art exhibitions in India and Bangladesh.

Jhuma Dutta, nickname 'putu' was born in the mid seventies. In the year of 1998 Shafiqul Kabir arrived to her world. Both of them are "Bangali" but living in separate countries by thousand of kilometres. When they were studying in Santiniketan both come together personally and professionally. There she learned from Shafiqul Kabir, how to created her own world of textile art, which introduced her to the aesthetic possibilities of the ancient technique.

She said ‘we are decided to live together and we have two stories that ran parallels up to this point until today.

Jhuma is presenting some of her works, with passion and pride, are telling a story, her native tradition specially through her batik works.
She said ‘as a friend, or as a teacher my beloved husband always inspired me and from that point two have been tied together, by love for art and love for each other.
Jhuma loves working with indigo, vegetable color and kalamkari, including painting, appliqué and hand woven. She borrows and represents with due dignity to the peoples, were the traditional textiles came from.

‘I chose this medium, because fiber art gives me the opportunities to expose my creations,’ she says.