W E A V E R S   T E S T I M O N Y

The sixties of the last century experienced the flourishing of a new art medium of fiber, strand and textile based construction. It was used by great artists to give substance to their ideas and resulted in some of the most significant and powerful artwork of our times.
For the last 16 years, I have devoted myself in this medium of fiber art. It was the period of earnest attention to loom, yearn, fiber, color, knot and weaving etc. Fiber was the basic material, which enabled me to give substance to my vision. I hope, you find the prominent reverberation of experiment in my work. The distinguishable temperament of Bangla and her heritage, her symbol, her sign, her myth and color are sources of my inspiration. On one hand Shika, stitches of Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt), Shakher Hari, Scare crow, goddess Kali and on the other hand aquatic environment of Bangladesh and the knitting and knits in the bamboo walls have also significant impact in my works.

My Fiber's Construction
What is the role of the linage of weave and fiber art? Some of the question to explored about fiber's construction. The story goes deeper, much more deeper in to the body knowledge of the maker and gestures of the act of creation. Fiber’s construction to the threads 'ties and bind' by which, our lives are woven and layered given substance and meaning in its journey, its totality.

The works in the fiber art linage embody the aesthetics of a different, quieter dialogue define by conscientious process and more reflective of feelings and individual experiences. All my works authenticate me to poetic play with the contradiction of accessible and inaccessible spaces and it is inviting yet deliberately mysterious.

My concept - that weaving is also like painting where brush strokes are replaced warp and weft threads by deft fingers. And playing the processes of spinning, dyeing, knotting & weaving continues to bring me joy & satisfaction.

I owe a lot to the weavers who have inspired me to nurture this art medium and nothing is closer to the body than fiber, my body of work is made of fiber. Fiber is the basic material, which enables me to give substance to my vision.

The fiber field is the true field connecting everything-

  • Spinning, just like the world
  • Woven just as lives are
  • A real place & a real peace

I use different combinations for natural fiber like jute, cotton, hemp, and hay. My vision is not about going one step ahead of the passion of the traditional weavers; it is about recognizing this form as an independent art medium. I hope the form will go on and enrich itself with the passage of time through the new era into the whole new art world.

The simple declaration for my personal impulsive touches concerning the weaving of Bengal and her traditional heritage can be termed as a Weaver's Testimony.

I have devoted myself in the medium of fiber art, specially Tapestry and fiber sculpture. My frequent visit in the interior areas like villages of Bangladesh, I have observed artisans various kind of weaving techniques. Now I am in my weaving with different fiber and techniques, also involving myself in the research field of folk art specially traditional implementation method and design. Devoted myself to collecting rare folk art objects from rural area and closely connected with writing and editorial works related to Arts and craft.

-Shafiqul Kabir