W O V E N   S T A T E M E N T S

Today, Shafiqul Kabir - aged 38, is considered a leading artist of his generation from Bangladesh. He is talented, disciplined and imaginative. S. Kabir drawn to and fascinated by all aspects of textiles. Kabir has taken it as his mission to restore to tapestry - the prominence it once again enjoyed in Italy. Tapestry is a complete art form, which he works with jute, hemp, cotton, wool, flax, silk just about any fibre and calls his work" fibre sculpture". Kabir's works combine their visual and tactile appeal with a meticulous attention to detail. The result is a striking range of styles that explore contemporary themes in rich, evocative details. He culls his and modifies from, the folk art and traditional weaving designs; and draws his inspiration from legends and myths of the land. He has a clear view of what he is going to do, with each new work therefore. He is charting his progress towards achieving the ends of what he calls "weaving painting" and "fibre art" with training from Dhaka, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Santiniketan (the leading arts Institute of India). Kabir has taken it as his mission to restore to tapestry the prominence it once enjoyed.

S Kabir representing in Italy "Majestic Heritage" have altogether given an impression of tailoring artistic impulses to confirm to symbolic traditionalism. He seemed to feature craftsmanship specimens in "Cross-art" endeavours more than creative incorporation of modern design elements. His art works underline the restlessness of his creative personality in stretching the limits of his decorative arts for "expression and transmission of remembered emotions." Kabir has started in Italy the other way round with the design orientation of medium, with his own peculiar sensitivity to personal colour combinations and tactual tendons.

He distinguish temperament of Bengal heritage, her symbol, her sign, her myth and colour are sources of his inspiration. On one hand Shika, stitches of Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt), Shakher Hari (Painted pottery), Scare crow (totem), Kali (Hindu goddess) and on the other hand acute environment of Greater India and the knitting and knits in the bamboo walls have significant impact in his works. He has a clear poetic concept, with view of what he is going to do.

Dr. S. Manzoorul Islam
Art Critic
Dept. of English
University of Dhaka